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Gen Con 2024

2024 Events

Come with nothing - leave with a world! Whether you've been at this for a while, are just getting started, or have never built a world, this workshop will take you from concept to world in 2 hours!


Westin : Senate II

Aug 2nd (Fri) 2:00 pm

Aug 2nd (Fri) 4:00 pm

Other Worlds than These

It's all gone 19. You've been drawn from your world, what you thought was the real world, into the world of The Dark Tower. Build your ka-tet. Remember the face of your father. To the tower go.


Hyatt : Directors 2 : 1

Aug 3rd (Sat) 10:00 am

GM Workshop: Build a world

Participants will embark on a world building journey like no other, completing a step by step guide to a unique method of worldbuilding. Designed for both experienced GMs and folks who have never run a game before, this workshop breaks down fundamentals of worldbuilding specific to the TTRPG genre. While building, participants will have a chance to ask questions and get advice from an experienced GM and Worldbuilder with over a decade of experience creating unique worlds for games. Participants will leave with a completed world outline, and tons of ideas for your next, or maybe first campaign! All materials needed will be provided!


Other Worlds than these

Inspired by The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, this one shot brings folks from worlds not too dissimilar from our own and thrusts them into the fantastical setting of The Dark Tower. No previous knowledge of the series is required. This session is designed to be role-play heavy, though there will, undoubtedly be combat at some point. Pre-gen characters will be provided. No rules knowledge is needed - it's a very lightweight system.

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