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Free GM Workbook

Game Safety

Do you like to run games? Do you want to start running games? Check out this free GM workbook that Ceridwen wrote as part of a writing challenge set by The Unnamed Game Co.

Whether you're just getting started in running games, or have been at it for a while, this fun, lighthearted collection of activity pages is perfect for you to use to procrastinate with!

Safety is essential to a good game. Whether you are playing a LARP or running a table top rpg you need to work together as a group of players to ensure that everyone has a safe, good time.

There are innumerable ways to accomplish establishing good table culture, but I have built a few tools for use based on how I work with my groups. All documents are free to use and adapt without attribution or payment.

If you want help with building a custom safety document or form for your game, feel free to contact me.

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Game Thoughts

Preparing to GM

Game Objective & System

How to organize thoughts about a game before getting started.​

The World

How the heck do you world?​

Playing to Lose

The art of being a GM when you know the players are going to destroy everything you love.​


So, we're meeting at... my place?​​

Thoughts on GMing

Why Systems Matter

The theory behind why you should care about the system you use.​

Square Peg Round Hole

The challenge of certain systems for your story and how to overcome them.​

Empathy in D&D

Is there a place for empathy in a D&D game? And why does that matter?

Gender & Sexuality

How to and how not to use gender and sexuality in game and around your table.​

Tropes vs Inspiration vs Stereotypes

When is a trope good/bad?​

Running at Cons

Con Game Dos & Don’ts

An examination of common con game pitfalls and triumphs!​

Getting people to show up.

How to design and schedule a con-game that people will want to play!​

Con Costs

Why do conventions cost so much anyway?

LARP thoughts

Surprise is not a Personality

Why surprises are bad and how to do them better.

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