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Layout, Art, & Editing

In an effort to make publishing more accessible, LOC has partnered with Unnamed Game Co to help game developers to get their work over the finish line. We love to support artists and game designers, and nothing pairs that passion better than working with indie game designers to finish their work.

By providing capital upfront to cover the cost of quality art, and offering in-house layout design, line art, and social media packages, we can help you realize your dream of publishing. Whether you're looking to publish digitally or in print, we are here to support you in making your game available to the world!

We can help you go from Google Doc to Published.


Working with an artist? We'll help bring their work to life! Layout is more than putting images and text together - it's about showing your story and exciting your readers.

Need an artist? We'll help you get in touch with some of our go-to artists to fill your pages with color and excitement!

We also offer in-house line art, clip art, and minor enhancements, like nameplates, textures, and image alterations.

Parasite - Ama Ssolka (they_them).png
Supplement multipage.png
Social Media Package Demo.png

Banners for social media like Facebook and Twitter, and images for posts will enhance your marketing and help get your game get noticed!

We create unique layouts for any style!

Game Master Workbook_1.png
Murders and Mayhems_1.png
The Job_1.png


When it comes to the Unnamed Game Co. I had no idea what to expect! The layout art was something I didn't have a fantastic grasp on, but with their help, this book became what it is. I set a reasonable expectation level for this book's layout, and it was blown past within the first meeting. This has truly been some of the most inspiring work to see, and I once again can't wait to see what they put out in the future. 

- Alexander Coulson  Author of Dr. Dubly's Subsets, Specimen and Spells

Ceridwen was instrumental in elevating our game into a document that is beautiful, easily navigable, and subtly immersive. They were excellent at interpreting our ideas and feedback into a finished product. We gave a fairly vague layout idea and Ceridwen executed on it with lots of fun image details. At the very end of the process, they told us they had been working outside of their usual style, which surprised us as we were ready to believe it was their favorite.

- Creators of All Options

A Very Merry Board Meeting was written in plain text, and I was proud of it then. I mean, it takes effort to get an idea out of your head and onto a page to start with. But the layout took all of those feelings and really maxed them out. It helped to capture the juxtaposition of corporativism and whimsy that is such a large part of the game, starting from my very vague description of "post it note writing and also Christmas" and focusing in from there. In particular, the character sheets are fantastic, because they are personalized to the character and fun to look at while still having all of the essential information. Thinking about being able to hand something so good and so official looking to players is really exciting for me, not to mention the added value if I decide to go the route of publishing the game. I went in with a very vague idea of what I wanted, and it was like seeing the game come to life.

- Creator of Very Merry Board Meeting - coming  2023

Ceridwen is the best. They are my game company partner for a reason. In such a short time they have learned the affinity software and have excelled in layout work. I cannot distinguish between their work and the work of seasoned layout artists with betters tools. I imagine if Ceridwen was given the same tools as other professionals that they would excel beyond anyone's expectations. It is a pleasure to work with Ceridwen. I can entrust the hard work of my writing is in good hands with them

- Gilbert S. of Unnamed Game Co.

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