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War rages on the southern border of Cascadon. The barbarian hordes of Hestrean ravage the land, forcing refugees to flee north. Suffering from a drought, the other baronies are ill-equipped to handle the influx of people, forcing many refugees to turn to less decent ways of surviving. Meanwhile, blackness oozes from Zubin’s Woods, bringing with it foul beasts and plagues to the barony of Aper. And to the north in Canis, orcs are coming down from the mountains and pillaging towns on the edges of the barony. In the inner baronies, conspiracies and plots work to undermine the monarchy.

With the king recently deceased and the queen cloistered in her tower, the kingdom has been left in the hands of the two princes. Prince Maugen is much beloved of the people, heir apparent, and missing on the southern war front. The younger prince, Kier, is a bastard at best, and lacks the trust of the people. In the midst of the turmoil, plots and conspiracies abound!


Baronies of cascadon

Inner Baronies


To the north of Castle Cascadon, within the Cascadonian valley, sprawls Ictus, the first barony of Cascadon. The peaceful region attracts farmers and craftsmen supplying the castle. 

The primary source of income is food production.
Crest is of a Ferret.


Set in the mouth of the Cascadonian mountain valley, Tarandrus protects Castle Cascadon. Producing military specialists, the barony is intensely loyal to the king. 

The primary sources of income are military services and food production.
Crest is of a Stag.


Center of culture, art, and blatant lies, Vulpes lies east of the castle in the Cascadonian mountain valley. They monopolize shipping and transportation services. 

The primary sources of income are transportation and trade services.

Crest is of a Fox.

Middle Baronies


Guarding against Zubin's Wood in middle Cascadon, Aper attracts army irregulars, hunters, loggers, and those brave enough to dare the woods to protect the people of Aper. 

The primary source of income is raw material.

Crest is of a Boar.


Anchoring the eastern end of Berengar's Wall in middle Cascadon, Aquila is the home of diplomats, accountants, and tax Collectors. The barony is also a center of architectural innovation.

The primary source of income is based on trade, tax, and tariff. 
Crest is of an Eagle.


Defending the western end of Berengar's Wall, the majority of the kingdom's fighting force hails from Canis. They are excellent craftsmen and soldiers, though a bit reserved by most standards. 

The primary sources of income are military service, leather, and livestock. 
Crest is of a Hound.

Outer Baronies


The southernmost barony, Corvus is a haven for artists and outcasts. While they do not produce much, they travel often, spreading music and theatrics through Cascadon, only to return home and share their stories.

The primary income is from art.
Crest is of a Raven.


Tucked into the mountains near Kadessi, Ferre is a powerhouse of industry, searching for metal in their copious mines and for ideas in their famed university. 

The primary source of income is finished products.
Crest is of a Bear.


In the plains of eastern Cascadon, Murilegus has an unsavory reputation for birthing and harboring thieves, swindlers, smugglers, and cutthroats- all for hire. 

If they have a primary source of income they certainly aren't making it known.

Crest is of a Cat.

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