Game Plan

High in the Impassible Mountains to the southwest of Cascadon there is a castle. Castle Graywall, or The Gray Haven, is a fully independent, self sufficient castle, free from petty politics and kingdom conflicts. Behind the massive stone walls the priests of Aisha care for orphans collected from across the Eastern Territories. 

Within the confines of the walls the orphans are raised with the best education possible. Children who show exceptional skills and abilities are apprenticed to masters who help guide the children to achieve their potential.

Upon coming of age the children are given three options:

Strike out on their own and start a life in the outside world.

Stay and become mentors and supporters of the Gray Haven.

Journey to The Mountain Temple to train as a servant of the gods.

You have chosen to travel to The Mountain Temple.

Game Plan

Excluded Content

Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Pedophilia, Incest, Animal Cruelty, Animal Death, Eating Disorders, Body Hatred, Fat Phobia,  Miscarriage, Abortion, Bigotry: transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, sexism, racism, & hatred toward religions)

Sensitive Content

Abuse, Self Harm, Suicide, Descriptions of Violence, Pornographic Content, Mental Illness, Spiders, Eyes, Medical Malpractice, Child Death 

Current Group:

Ceridwen (They/Them)

Ac. (She/Her)


Ky. (She/They)

Gi. (He/Him)


The World (They/It)

Aster (she/her)

Mace (he/him)

Rusaldy "Rus" Hawkins (he/him)

Grimwald "Rim" (he/him)


The World (They/It)

Dream Druid (sibling with Rus)

Dalkan Forge Cleric

Rogue (sibling with Aster)


World Calibration

Universally in favor of short term in game consequences.

Largely in favor of long term in game consequences.

Mostly in favor of short term mechanical penalties.

Tone for the game

Universally in favor of Dramatic and Emotional

Universally in favor of Romantic

Mostly in favor of Dark and Gritty

Mostly in favor of Political

Party Calibration

Most player characters skew middle of the road to good.

Group Dynamic

Majority in favor of Witty & Bantering

Majority in favor of Found Family

Majority in favor of Friendly

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In order of commonality in Cascadon:







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