Current Campaign

Season 1

High in the Impassible Mountains to the southwest of Cascadon there is a castle. Castle Graywall, or The Gray Haven, is a fully independent, self sufficient castle, free from petty politics and kingdom conflicts. Behind the massive stone walls, the priests of Aisha care for orphans collected from across the Eastern Territories. 

Within the confines of the walls, the orphans are raised with the best education possible. Children who show exceptional skills and abilities are apprenticed to masters who help guide the children to achieve their potential.

Upon coming of age the children are given three options:

Strike out on their own and start a life in the outside world.

Stay and become mentors and supporters of the Gray Haven.

Journey to the Mountain Temple to train as a servant of the gods.

You have chosen to travel to the Mountain Temple.

Season 2

After making it through the Mountain Temple the party has engaged on a "journey to the past" via a series of canals. The party encountered strange Dalkan artifacts of a long ago culture, and now seeks to gain new understanding of a prophecy handed down to them by the strangers along the canal: "The golden hart holds the golden sight."

In search of the "golden hart" the group has taken to the seas! As they travel to the continent to find the golden hart they will be faced with all sorts of new challenges... and new enemies.

Season 3

The trip across the sea has passed rapidly and now the party finds themselves at The Continent. Inviting a few new friends to join them, the group has decided to make for Aden's Ladder. Once thought a story, the party now knows the ladder is real - they've seen it in strange, giant glasses in an ancient ruin. Departing from the magical ship of Captain Sharpe, the group now faces unknown dangers in the exotic jungle of The Cat Kingdom. They must now navigate their way to the ladder.... if they can figure out how to get there.

Season 4

Well, we got to the moon! To get there they had to stop in Brip to drop off the mysterious boxes Hayden has been transporting. Rus discovered that the boxes contained strange, giant armor. The Professor who Hayden dropped it off with disappeared in the night.... Luckily they left Mouse Friend behind - a small creature that knew the location of Aden's Ladder. The party met up with a caravan to travel part of the way and encountered a destroyed camp where they faught giant "dragon" flies. They turned toward the north and had a fight with werewolves where Chad and Elouan got infected.... Further along the path after several interesting encounters, they came to the base of the cliff. After easily earning passage, they entered the base of the cliff and found a strange egg, which they carried to the top of the cliffs. Once at the top the party encountered dragons, who carried the party to Aden's Ladder in exchange for their promise to destroy the egg.

Once the group got the space elevator up and going, they traversed to the moon. Elouan and Chad transformed into werewolves and Rus got bitten. They made it to the moon safely and met with W47CH3R, an ancient AI who monitors the moon base. Zekiel and Lethos were there, and the party got to talk with them. Important information about the ancient cultures was provided, and the party watched two important events occur: Aisha returned and someone used massive power to decimate an Umberhulk from Zubin's Woods.

The party now has 21 tokens they need to give to 21 mortals, one of each will represent one of the deities.... 

Content and Tone

Excluded Content

Abuse, Animal Cruelty/Animal Death, Body Hatred/Eating Disorders/Fat Phobia, Child Abuse/Pedophilia/Incest, Miscarriage/Abortion, Real World Bigotry, Sexual Assault, Suicide by Gun, "Eye Stuff"

Sensitive Content

Death/Dying, Descriptions of Violence, Homophobia and Heterosexism, Mental Illness and ableism, Pornographic Content, Religious Bigotry, Self-harm and suicide, Sexism and Misogyny, Spiders

Current Group:

Ceridwen (They/Them)

Ac. (She/Her)


Ky. (She/They)

Er. (They/Them)

Ti. (He/Him)


The World (They/It)

Aster (she/her)

Mace (he/him)

Rusaldy "Rus" Hawkins (he/him)

Claus Underberg (he/him)

Elouan (he/him)


The World (They/It)

Dream Druid (sibling with Rus)

Dalkan Forge Cleric

Rogue (sibling with Aster)


Rage Paladin

World Calibration

Universally in favor of short term in game consequences.

Universally in favor of long term in game consequences.

A couple in favor of short term mechanical penalties.

Tone for the game

Universally in favor of Dramatic and Emotional

Mostly in favor of Dark & Gritty, Fun & Fluffy, Political, Romantic.

General spread of interests for all other genre.

Party Calibration

Most player characters skew towards heroism.

Group Dynamic

Diverse spread! Majority in favor of Witty and Bantering, Found Family, and Friendly.

No interest in Professional/Co-Worker type relationships.

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