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War rages on the southern border of Cascadon. The barbarian hordes of Hestrean ravage the land, forcing refugees to flee north. Suffering from a drought, the other baronies are ill-equipped to handle the influx of people, forcing many refugees to turn to less decent ways of surviving. Meanwhile, blackness oozes from Zubin’s Woods, bringing with it foul beasts and plagues to the barony of Aper. And to the north in Canis, orcs are coming down from the mountains and pillaging towns on the edges of the barony. In the inner baronies, conspiracies and plots work to undermine the monarchy.

With the king recently deceased and the queen cloistered in her tower, the kingdom has been left in the hands of the two princes. Prince Maugen is much beloved of the people, heir apparent, and missing on the southern war front. The younger prince, Kier, is a bastard at best, and lacks the trust of the people. In the midst of the turmoil, plots and conspiracies abound!

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