War rages to the south.

Whispers of revolt echo across the kingdom.

Prophecies are written in the skies.

The dragons are waking up.

Heroes must rise, or all will fall.

The call has been issued.


Cascadon is a low magic fantasy setting full of mystery and intrigue! Whether you are playing in the Baron's Gambit LARP or joining an active party, information about the setting will be useful for enhancing your game experience.

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Thoughts on GMing


Read Ceridwen's thoughts about life, the universe, and games - mostly games. Topics range from Ceridwen's guide for how to prepare to GM, to how gender and sexuality relate to games.

With more than 20 years experience as a player and over a decade of game running, Ceridwen is happy to share their thoughts and ideas about gaming with anyone who'd like to read about them!

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