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Gm Cheat Sheet

The GM Cheat Sheet is perfect for keeping track of general information for a group. You can laminate it or put it in a plastic sleeve to write on it with dry erase. This is perfect for convention games and home games!


Travel Speeds

Walking - Roads/trails
Level or rolling terrain: 20 mi/day
Hilly terrain: 15 mi/day
Mountainous terrain: 10 mi/day

Walking - Off-Road
Level/rolling grasslands: 15 mi/day
Hilly grasslands: 12 mi/day
Level forest/thick scrub: 10 mi/day

Walking - Unfriendly Terrain 
Very hilly forest/thick scrub: 7 mi/day
Un-blazed Mountain passes: 5 mi/day
Marshland: 5 mi/day

Riding - Roads/trails
Level or rolling terrain: 40 mi/day
Hilly terrain: 30 mi/day
Mountainous terrain: 20 mi/day

Riding - Off-Road
Level/rolling grasslands: 30 mi/day
Hilly grasslands: 25 mi/day
Level forest/thick scrub: 20 mi/day

Riding - Unfriendly Terrain 
Very hilly forest/thick scrub: 15 mi/day
Un-blazed Mountain passes: 10 mi/day
Marshland: 10 mi/day

General Populations and Information


Population: up to about 1,000

Government: A noble (usually not a resident) rules with an appointed agent to adjudicate disputes and collect taxes.

Defense: small force of soldiers or citizen militia.

Commerce: Basic supplies are available from an inn or a trading post. More rare items might be for sale by traveling merchants.

Organizations: A village might contain one or two temples or shrines, but few other organizations


Population: up to about 6,000

Government: A resident noble rules and appoints a lord mayor to oversee administration. An elected town council represents the interests of the middle class.(In Cascadon there is often a mayor elect in the absence of a lord mayor or noble.)

Defense: The noble commands a sizable army of professional soldiers as well as bodyguards

Commerce: Basic supplies are readily available, though exotic goods and services are harder to find. Plenty of inns and taverns.

Organizations: The town contains several temples, merchant guilds and other organizations.

Barony Castle

Population: up to 10,000

Government: The resident Baron rules directly. It also houses the noble council of the nobles in the barony that run the towns.

Defense: The castle has a large number of professional soldiers as well as personal guards.

Commerce: Basic supplies are readily available as well as select exotic goods and services.

Organizations: There are at least a few sizable temples as well as major guilds. The noble council determines barony wide law (with the approval of the baron, of course)


Population: Up to about 25,000

Government: A resident noble presides with several other nobles, sharing responsibility for surrounding areas and government functions. One such noble is the lord mayor, who oversees the city administration. An elected city council represents the middle class and might hold more actual power than the lord mayor. Other groups serve as important power centers as well.

Defense: The city supports and army of professional soldiers, guards, and town watch. Each noble in residence maintains a small force of personal bodyguards.

Commerce: Almost any goods/services are readily available. Many inns/taverns support travelers.

Organizations: A multitude of temples, guilds and other organizations, some of which hold significant power in city affairs can be found within the city’s walls.

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