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Legends of Cascadon

Legends of Cascadon is a 1970's, independently published book series that is beloved by the few who have read it. During the satanic panic of the 80's, a huge number of the limited print release copies were destroyed. Unfortunately, due to the low quality of the printed books, very few remain today, and it has never been reprinted.

In the early 2000's a indie production company called Nerdstream Productions created a low budget adaptation of Legends of Cascadon: The Blinding of the Hound, the first book of the series. Despite a fair amount of interest, the show was short lived. Nerdstream had acquired licensing for film adaptation, but not for digital distribution, which lead to a massive lawsuit, and the destruction of nearly all evidence of the show, which was primarily aired on Nerdstream's website. Though a few stills and scripts from the original production can be found, no complete episodes are available. What few DVDs were sold are highly valued by collectors, and very difficult to come by.

Nonetheless, the Legends of Cascadon remains an iconic fantasy series to those who fell into it's pages all those years ago.

The Blinding of the Hound (1971)

A tale of a group of individuals from across the kingdom of Cascadon coming together at the Battle of Aper, where they defend the city against monstrous attackers from Zubin's Wood. Their efforts are not ended at the conclusion of the conflict, as the group travels east to the Port of New Hope which is soon to be attacked as well. Meanwhile at court, the younger prince and his attaché ​navigate the tides of change as the Mad Queen retreats to her tower. Playing politics, the young prince tries to do what is best for the people, but with the recent death of his father, the absence of his brother, and the madness of his mother, it seems all too likely that the Baron's Council will continue to work against his efforts.

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Blinding of the Hound.jpg
The Archer Bears the Blade (1972)

In the wake of the devastation of war, the adventurers travel south and west toward The Isen in search of the Blade of Veritas, said to be capable of slaying avatars of the gods. But obtaining this blade is no small feat, as the group descends into the frozen lands of the Hestrean, facing new monsters, and a long journey back. In Castle Cascadon, the political strife caused by the wars is made worse by the unknown whereabouts of the heir apparent. Secret alliances and plots abound, and the prince and his attaché are vulnerable to the schemes of those who wish to overthrow the monarchy.

​​The Golden Hart Returns (1974)​

The prince finds himself on trial for the murder of his mother, abandoned by all but his attaché.​ The trial drags on as the attaché desperately works to prove the prince's innocence, but the prince seems resigned to his fate. Meanwhile the adventurers return to Cascadon with a new companion - the missing heir apparent to the throne. Will they return in time to save the monarchy, or will the kingdom descend into anarchy?

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The Wolves and the Empress_2.jpg
The Wolves and the Empress (1975)

Cascadon burns with revolution, leaving it vulnerable to attack from the north, yet, no attack comes. The adventurers, now declared enemies of the Kingdom for their role in the ill-fated attempt to rescue the prince, enter Dunelain to the north, seeking refuge in the strange land. They find themselves indebted to a Dunelainian noble who begs for their assistance in uncovering a plot to overthrow the Dunelainian government. Having failed to save their own kingdom, they fear their efforts will be in vain once more. Yet, spurred on by the desire to repay their debt, they investigate the coup, and do what they can, seemingly forever facing insurmountable odds.​

The Dragons Waking (1977)

With the Empress of Shadara slain, the adventurers find themselves in the peculiar position of leading a small kingdom. The zealous nature of the Shadaran people is easily harnessed, however, and they begin to restore the kingdom to some semblance of peace. In their work they come across a dragon. With the former attaché taking the lead on governance, the rest of the adventurers take up a quest for the dragon, and begin a new adventure on the coasts of Vestrea, searching for the prophesized Dragon King, who will stand in defense of mortal life in the coming God War.

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The God War (Unpublished)
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