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Lore & Creatures

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General Structure

Beings of the Weird fall into their own evolutionary Kingdom. 

In broad terms the structure of the Weird is such that anything can exist as a different order or genus. Blood sucking vampires are a highly specific kind of vampire, but there are also vampires who don’t feed on blood. There are vampires vulnerable to silver, and vampires who aren’t. A ghost can be tied to a house or just stuck in the room where they were murdered. A ghost might be able to interact with the living, or might be trapped in repeating their death indefinitely.

The nuance of categorization is not particularly important, but the point is that there is no "right" answer and multiple things can be true depending on what generates the best play!

WARNING - some transcripts include strong language.

Image by Josh Marshall

Spirit Beings

Ghosts, angels, and devils are examples of spirit beings. Sometimes spirit is confused with soul, but those are entirely different.

Image by Clever Visuals


Manipulating elements and energies requires both talent and skill. Though some abilities are innate, some methods just require the right ingredients.

Image by Matthias Oberholzer


Vampires, werewolves, and other creatures are either born with dual natures, or converted through supernatural experiences.

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