Races in Cascadon



No one has seen a dwarf in about 200 years. Most people believe they died out, or were killed by orcs. Evidence of their existence can be found in just about any mountain range. They were excellent miners and craftsmen. Much of what remains shows that the Dwarf cultures were highly structured, but valued all professions. Artifacts show that they were, as a race, very religious and interested in prophecy.


The fey, as they are commonly called in Cascadon, are a woodland race, inhabiting the edges of Zubin's Wood. The fey have brown skin of varying shades, large eyes ranging from violet to green to yellow. Instead of four fingers and a thumb, the Fey have four long, strong, flexible fingers. Living most of their lives in dense, dark woods, the Fey can see very well in the dark. They have a kinship with nature, but culturally worship no Gods.
To the Cascadonians, the fey are a wild, violent race. To the fey the Cascadonians are a wild and violent race. As such, they tend to kill each other on sight. Though, outside of Aper, few Cascadonians have seen the fey.


About a hundred years ago the orcs were driven back into the mountains, where they drove the dwarves to extinction (maybe). They are warriors who generally live in tribes. They have a bad reputation, but also a complex culture, To Cascadonians the orcs are sort of boogymen, mostly treated as monsters of old. However, lately they have been coming down from the mountains in Canis and raiding boarder towns. There are also an increasing number of half-orcs born from these incursions. This generally results in the death of the mother, and often the death of the child as well, but there are a few half orc citizens, mostly raised by the Justinian church.

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