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  • Camp Round Meadow is about 1.5 hours from the DC airports, located just north of Frederick, MD.

  • There are four cabins

    • no bunk beds, and two cabions are wheelchair accessible.

    • There are power outlets in cabins for folks with c-pap machines etc.

    • There are also two private rooms per cabin.

    • The cabins are about a 2 minute walk to all game spaces.

    • The site has a basketball court, small screening room, lockers with showers and bathrooms, and a second floor of offices for NPC HQ and storage.

  • Also 2 minutes from the cabins and right next to the gym is a cafeteria building with a full commercial kitchen.

    • Ticket price includes meals each day​

    • The menu will have multiple options including substantial meals for those with dietary restrictions

    • Food will be available between meal times as the kitchen will be staffed from game on to game off

  • Every building has a water fountain and bottle filling station or two (including cabins)

  • All play space buildings are wheelchair accessible except two of the cabins.

  • There is a dedicated parking lot behind the gym, about a 4 minute walk from the cabins. 

  • In ADDITION there is a huge grassy field kept neat and clean about the size of a soccer field to allow for outdoor play and the like. This field is right behind the cafeteria, and there are paths that come very close to the edge of it for folks to spectate without going onto the grass.

  • And if you're a nature lover, there is a pretty hiking trail just a few minutes away from the cabins! There's also a fire pit, though it is not accessible and will not be a formal play space.

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