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Magpie Games

If you're looking for super collaborative storytelling games, Magpie Games offers a wide selection of quick start games with a moderately heavy rule set. LoC has personally played in some demos for Urban Shadows and Zombie World, both of which are based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system. The games are built by the players as much as the game master, allowing for lots of improvisation and customization of the setting within a comfortable amount of existing world structure. Great for one shots and campaigns, Magpie gets the LoC seal of approval for a fun tabletop experience!

Clockwork Dominion

Steampunk. Good steampunk. This system is possibly my favorite system to play. I absolutely love how the system is set up to encourage and reward roleplay. Also, when you buy the book you're not just getting a system, but a complex, rich, and interesting world. Not to mention that the art work is AMAZING, and the crunch is surrounded by wonderful bits of narrative that help give context for the rules. It really is a campaign friendly, roleplay based system that has the right amount of rule stuff to bite into a build from. Seriously - check it out.

Blue Rose

Romatic Fantasy. This system makes my heart go squee. The system is very flexible, allowing for all kinds of interesting game play. I've played in sessions that were super RP heavy, and more fight-focused, and the system worked well in both. The relationships between characters and NPCs, as well as within the party, help to move not only the narrative, but also to enhance conflict. Once again, this book not only contains the system to play, but also stunning art, and a fascinating setting!

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