What we ran at Gen Con 2018

GM Workshop: Build a World


Location: Embassy Suites :: Coronation I
Sat 1000-1200
Participants were given resources & guides for how to start building a dynamic, interesting world.

GM Workshop: Build Plots


Location: Embassy Suites :: Coronation I

Sat 1200-1400
This workshop was designed to help GM’s build compelling plots for massive campaigns, individual sessions, and specific characters.

RPG Workshop: Build a Character


Location: Embassy Suites :: Ambassador II

Sat 1600-1800
Participants learned how to build characters that grow and change with the challenges thrown at them.

Nordic LARP 101

Location: Lucas Oil :: Mtg Rm 12

Sat 1700-1900
For those interested in getting started in Nordic-style LARP, we went over the basics in this interactive workshop, covering topics like consent, inclusivity, and how to navigate a world where everything you decide is true may well be, with special focus on how to create plot for your character.

Adventures in Metaland


Location: Omni :: McClellan Hall :: 1

Fri 1000-1200

Don't you hate it when you sit down for a game & end up teleporting into the setting you were supposed to play? Players discovered their stats as they explored Metaland in search of a way home!