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There are many organizations within The Weird and within those organizations there are factions and individuals. It is important when forming opinions about an organization to remember that all the information available is inherently biased by the person presenting the information. Just as in the real world, there are no facts, only perceptions and evidence.


The purpose of organizations is to motivate game play. Rather then view the information below as canonical fact, please read it as inspiration! Everything should be questioned, contradicted, and ignored however will best promote engaging role play.



The Sentinels
The Sentinels are an old-world society dating back to the 800’s. They have served in many “armies of Christ” through the years, notably in the Crusades. They specialize in the elimination of demons and devils. However they sometimes lack nuance when dealing with occult users. They were allegedly involved in The Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials. Many accuse them of hypocrisy due to their own use of magic, but they see their magic as divine, and therefore acceptable.

Cabal of the Eye
Operating as a cell organization, the Cabal of the Eye is a powerful collective of magic users spread across North America. No two cells have the same initiation rituals, traditions,  passwords, etc. However, all cells are bound by some variation of the same basic rules often referred to as The Covenant of the Cabal:

  • The Eye sees all

  • Consideration of consequence is paramount

  • Action must service the disadvantaged

  • Rightness of actions does not remove responsibility for consequence

CotE cells generally operate non-profit organizations like group homes, homeless shelters, and hospice houses. To join the CotE a magic user must already know magic - they don’t recruit or teach from the ground up. If you are a powerful enough magic user to find them, they will consider offering you a chance at the trials of membership.

Mad scientist may be too harsh a title, but Hermites lean into that archetype from time to time. The Hermites are scientists who reached the limits of technology and turned to the occult to advance their studies. By blending science and magic they create objects and creatures, for research purposes, of course.  Hermites often make deals with devils to increase their resources and magic, but they are not inherently evil. Most members of the organization are well meaning scientists who are very passionate about their work.

“Bureau 13”
The actually agency name is unknown, but the dark web has taken to calling the anti-occult branch of the US government Bureau 13, likely after the 1990’s video game. They are often referred to with general terms like Feds, Suits, and Agents. Common theory on the dark web is that B:13 is an agency within the NSA. Their purpose, as best as anyone can tell, is to suppress the dissemination of occult information and eliminate occult threats. Sometimes this means “disappearing” people who get too involved in the occult or witness occult events. Smart demon hunters, occult investigators, spell casters, and supernatural beings do their best to stay off B:13’s radar.

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