Current Play Information


General tone: Dramatic and Emotional, Romantic

Group Dynamic: Witty and Bantering, Found Family, Professional/Co-Workers, No PVP

Major Monsters: Vampires, Angels/Demons/Devils, Ghosts, Fae, Cryptids 

Topics excluded from gameplay:

Sexual Assault, Abuse, Child Abuse/Pedophilia/Incest, Animal Cruelty, Animal Death, Pornographic Content, Racism, Racial Slurs, Sexism, Misogyny, Hateful Language Directed at Religious Groups (e.g., Islamophobia, Antisemitism), Transphobia and Trans Misogyny, Homophobia and Heterosexism. Self-harm and Suicide, Eating Disorders, Body Hatred, Fat Phobia, Miscarriages/Abortion, Funerals, Covid-19, Mortality in Childbirth/Pregnancy

Sensitive Topics: Financial Issues, Parental Problems, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Bad Doctors, Hospitals, Surgery

Current Cast of Characters

Peter Jones (NPC) - The Quiet One

   Angels/Devils/Demons Expert

Gabriel (NPC) - A Nosy Angel

   General Knowledge

Hayden (NPC) - Deceased

   Hermites and technomagic

Lysa Pudeator - Spiritual Occultist

   Curse Expert

Tom Goslyn - Jack of All Trades

   A little bit of everything....

Denver Abend - Mysterious Legend

   Ghost Expert

Teresa Entler - Big Damn Hero (who took an arrow to the knee)

   Fae Expert

Jocasta Hooper - Stubborn Everyfolk

   Vampire Expert

Mazikeen Silvain - Morally Conflicted

   Knowledgeable about Divine Magic

Kinsley Bascomb - Magic Addict

   Knowledgeable about Hermites

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