Welcome to CascadOnline, the live action roleplay (LARP). In this game, you will be playing a person who lives in a modern day world who has been accepted into an immersive virtual reality game beta set in a fantasy realm, where the majority of play will take place. Your meta character is the person outside the beta, while inside it you are represented by a fantastical avatar. These two faces can present similarly, or very differently- the avatar could just be the meta character in fantasy clothes, or the meta character could be actively trying to project a different personality. If you want to take things deeper, the meta character could also be pretending to be a different person pretending to be the avatar for three layers of character. There will be both meta character and avatar plots available depending on player preference.


Some examples of gameplay include:


-Avatar Plots-

Which faction will hold the bazaar at the game launch?

Who will be elected as faction leaders?

How will the factions face the oncoming siege?


-Meta Character Plots-

Out of character romances!

Corporate Espionage!

Glitches in the game!

-Mini Games-

*All mini games will have plot relevant rewards!*

Collection quests!

Escape room?


Location Information
Design Principles


And if that isn't enough, we can do the whole thing for $200 per ticket, 45-110 players.

Our prep budget includes paying for workshop and safety design as well as content and sensitivity editing.

All NPCs will be paid.

There will also be a limited number of tickets for folks willing to assist with meal prep/clean up.


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